Republic of the Philippines

Public-Private Partnership Center

Gender and Development Corner

Vision and Mission

Women and men of the PPP Center to equally contribute in championing public-private partnerships that promote gender equality and women empowerment for the country’s inclusive growth and sustainable development.


We, at the PPP Center, commit to bring about institutional change by promoting and providing equal rights and opportunities, and shared responsibilities among women and men through mainstreaming gender and development in the delivery of public infrastructure and other development services.

GAD Agenda
  • To increase PPP Center personnel awareness on GAD
  • To design and implement a capacity building program on gender analysis and GAD laws and issuances
  • To establish comprehensive sex-disaggregated data as basis for planning/policy decisions
  • To use gender-fair language in all transaction documents and communications
  • To have regular coordinating meetings where GAD efforts can be coordinated and status of implementation of the GAD Plan reported
  • To capacitate Implementing Agencies on gender statistics, methodologies and analysis
  • To capacitate Implementing Agencies and LGUs on gender mainstreaming and responsiveness in all the phases (if necessary and applicable) of the PPP project
  • To establish a repository/database of gender related statistics
  • To expressly provide for GAD related obligations/ responsibilities in PPP contracts
  • To produce gender analysis reports, each of which has a score of at least 15.0 under the HGDG
  • To require analysis of gender issues and needs, as well as measures to address them, in all FS/BC
  • To enhance existing M&E mechanism to integrate GAD related indicators
  • To develop policy guidelines that will integrate GAD in PPP
GAD Committee Focal Point System (GFPS) Directory
Name Designation/Service Function Contact Number 709.4146
Ms. Dionne Marga M. Larin Training Specialist V/CBKMS- Chairperson (Lead for GAD Committee Steering Group) local 8101
Lani P. Ulep Chief Administrative Officer/AdS-HRD Vice Chairperson (Lead for Sub-Committee on GAD Advocacy and Capacity Development) local 7201
Ms. Maria Beatriz N. Quintos Planning Officer III/PFPEMS–PMD Vice-Chairperson (Lead for Sub-Committee on Mainstreaming Gender Safeguards in PPP Center Core Services) local 5103
Jun Ignacio M. Salcor IT Officer III/CBKMS – MISD Member local 8401
Dionna Fe M. Falamig Training Specialist II/CBKMS-CBD Member local 8104
Ayla Christadel S. Virgino Information Officer II/CBKMS-KMD Member local 8205
Janella B. Santiago Project Development Officer III//PDS – Social Division Member local 6105
Luis B. Dela Cruz Project Development Officer II//PDS – Infrastructure Division Member local 6205
Catalina R. Caraan Chief Administrative Officer/AdS-FD Member local 7101
Consuelo B. Eusebio Supervising Administrative Officer/AdS – HRD Member local 7202
Celso A. Agrabioso Jr. Project Development Officer IV/PDMFS–CRD Member local 3102
Marikis Florenz N. Garcia Project Development Officer III/PDMFS–PMD Member local 3203
Ronald M. Mangilin Project Evaluation Officer III/PFPEMS–PMD Member local 5205
John Emmanuel R. Pronto Project Evaluation Officer III/PFPEMS–PED Member local 5303
Gilbert S. Galvez Attorney III/LS-IOD Member local 4103
Cedric Japhet Maridol S. Dolendo Legal Assistant/LS-IOD Member local 4105
 Jericho I. Galang Executive Assistant II/ODED Member local 2202
Eleazar E. Ricote Deputy Executive Director/ODED Advisor local 2201
Maria Theresa L. Laranang Director IV/AdS Advisor local 7001
Mildred A. Castillo Chief Administrative Officer/AdS–GSD Advisor local 7301
GAD Activities