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Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management

“Knowledge management is a discipline that promotes an integrated approach to identifying, capturing, evaluating, retrieving, and sharing all of an enterprise’s information assets. These assets may include databases, documents, policies, procedures, and previously un-captured expertise and experience…” (Duhon, 1998).

The Public-Private Partnership Center offers a comprehensive technical assistance package in assisting project proponent agencies/Implementing Agencies (IAs) to develop and monitor PPP projects efficiently. Part of the crucial technical assistance is Knowledge Management.

As a knowledge organization, the role of the Knowledge Management at the PPP Center is critical in harnessing past lessons and supporting the current work of the Center as well as its Government stakeholders. As such, Knowledge Management is a key strategy to manage information, processes, people and technology more efficiently especially in a multi-stakeholder environment.

With a great demand for transparency and accountability from the government, the PPP Center took into arms the creation of the Knowledge Management Division (KMD) that acts as the lead unit in helping to promote the country’s PPP agenda and in strengthening technical assistance for Implementing Agencies’ communication plans, implementation and their PPP activities.

Part of KMD’s strategy is to mainstream Knowledge Management in the PPP program through providing support for knowledge needs of decision-makers/policy makers in governance and policy, providing new platforms, tools and knowledge products to promote learning and innovation for capacity development, promoting knowledge support during project facilitations, promoting knowledge support during project monitoring and evaluation and promoting access and utilization of the PPP knowledge base.

Aside from technical assistance, the KMD is also the communication arm of the PPP Center. One of its main functions is to amplify the presence of the Center and the PPP program to the public and its stakeholders and uphold the image of the Center.

From available PPP project data, KMD gathers and produces up-to-date information on the PPP program and projects and disseminates them to different media platforms like print (brochures, flyers, information kits) for local and international event promotions, broadcast media (TV and radio guestings) and online content (website, social media, infographics). The latter, being supported by the Management Information System (MIS) Division in managing the content of the website – timely update of the project pipeline, bid bulletins, events, media releases and infographics that are vital content for its stakeholders.

KMD also takes into social media readily accessible information initiated by the Center and actively does live updates about PPP events and projects.

And also as part of the communication’s mandate is to establish and sustain relationships with media practitioners and key opinion makers in broadcast, print and online media through press briefings and event coordination.

With the vision of being a knowledge organization, the PPP Center also created the PPP Knowledge Hub whereby KMD is in charge of establishing, maintaining and promoting PPP knowledge products and PPP related materials such as project finance, risk management and economic reports. It is an essential component of the PPP program to which it acts as the central repository for PPP information and documentation.

And lastly, the KMD is also at the frontline of the Center providing assistance to walk-in clients, phone/email inquiries, researchers and organizes study visits for international parties who would like to know more about the Center and the PPP program.

Please send an e-mail to [email protected] for queries/requests for PPP briefings for the private sector.

For more inquiries you may contact KMD at (632) 8709.4146


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