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Organizational Structure


PPPPC Organizational Chart

Project Development and Monitoring Facility Service (PDMFS)

The PPP Center, through its PDMF Service, is mandated to manage and administer the Project Development and Monitoring Facility (PDMF).

The Service has the sole responsibility to screen, evaluate, and process applications for PDMF support through its Project Management Division; monitor and ensure availability and efficient utilization of the PDMF funds through its Financial Management Division; manage consultants and consulting service contracts, and leads in consultant selection selection through its Consultant Recruitment Division.

The PDFM Service also acts as the secretariat to the PDMF Committee.

Project Development Service (PDS)

In the course of project development, the Service provides facilitation, advisory, and technical assistance to various implementing agencies in the process of evaluation, formulation, development, structuring, and packaging of PPP projects to ensure that infrastructure projects go through the proper selection, preparation and bidding process.

As PPP projects undergo intense scrutiny with various approving bodies, the Service, in close collaboration with the implementing agencies, assists in the preparation and review of transaction documents, negotiation of PPP proposals, review of technical assumptions and market assessment, securing of approval from relevant approving government bodies, and conduct of the procurement process. With its function of monitoring the development of pipeline of the PPP Program, the Service ensures that the entire process is characterized by transparency, accountability, predictability, and participation.

Legal Service (LS)

As the legal arm of the PPP Center, the Service plays a significant role in rendering a responsive and insightful legal advice and assistance in the course of project development in all projects in the PPP pipeline to ensure that all transactions, project documents, and organizational processes are legally sound and strictly compliant with legal requirements. The Service also assesses potential litigation arising from contract variations and other related operational policy concerns. In conducting legal research and studies, the Service also monitors various laws, administrative issuances, court decisions, and other legal issuances relative to PPP.

In delivering legal support in aid of the smooth operations of the PPP Center, the Service also provides legal opinion and advice on contracts, documents and other legal matters significant to its operations and processes.

Policy Formulation, Project Evaluation and Monitoring Service (PFPEMS)

With the end goal of strengthening the PPP policy environment, the Service shall take initial steps in identifying, formulating, recommending, and advocating policy procedures and guidelines, reviews, studies and researches, and reforms on the numerous policy issues and bottlenecks for the development, appraisal, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation of PPP projects and contracts in consultation with appropriate oversight committees, implementing agencies, and the private sector.

In contract monitoring of PPP projects for implementation, the Service renders its technical, financial, and legal advisory assistance and intervention to various issues and concerns in coordination among the implementing agencies, winning concessionaire and its contractors, and the independent consultant to ensure that contractual milestones and obligations are observed by all parties.

Capacity Building and Knowledge Management Service (CBKMS)

Working hand in hand with national government agencies and departments, government-owned and controlled corporations, and local government units, the Service provides capacity building activities to implementing agencies in undertaking PPP processes, such as project identification and selection, development, preparation, procurement, and implementation, to ensure a sustainable pipeline of properly-prepared PPP projects.

As a knowledge center on PPPs, the Service provides timely, reliable, and accurate information and promotes the agenda of the PPP Program thru various media, and establishes networks and institutional linkages with various organizations involved in PPPs. With its ICT infrastructure, the Service manages and maintains a knowledge management (KM) portal and its components as a strategic KM tool for an accurate and updated, detailed and comprehensive IT implementation strategy.

Administrative Service (AdS)

In sustaining the operations of the PPP Center, the Service provides general administration, support, and coordination services to ensure and promote effective and cost-efficient systems, procedures, and practices thru human, financial, and physical resources management.

The Service establishes various financial systems and mechanisms for the smooth implementation of policies and guidelines set by regulatory government agencies, and improves the human resource management and processes for proper implementation of program and policies on hiring and selection, career development, personnel administration, training and education, performance evaluation, and collective negotiation between management and employees. It also takes charge of the physical resources management thru maintenance and improvement of tangible properties and resources of the Center for greater service satisfaction among clients and employees.