Republic of the Philippines

Public-Private Partnership Center

Project Development and Monitoring Facility

Oversight and Management

Oversight and Management
PPP Governing Board

The PPP Governing Board is the over-all policy-making body for all PPP-related matters, including the PDMF. It is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the PPP Program and creating an enabling policy and institutional environment for PPP. The PPP Center acts as Secretariat of the PPP Governing Board.

PDMF Committee

The PDMF Committee is responsible for approving applications for PDMF support. Subject to the approval of the PDMF Governing Board, the PDMF Committee also formulates, prescribes and recommends policies, procedures and guidelines for the use of the PDMF, as well as recovery of costs charged to the Fund.

PDMF Committee Secretariat

The PPP Center, through its PDMF Service, serves as Secretariat of the PDMF Committee. The Secretariat provides technical and administrative support to the PDMF Committee.

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