PPP Orientation for the Iloilo Government
Opening Remarks
by Executive Director Cosette Canilao
Regatta Residence Hotel, Iloilo
November 17, 2014

Maayong aga sa inyo tanan!

First of all, I would like to extend my appreciation to Governor Arthur Defensor for inviting us to partake our knowledge and expertise here in today’s PPP orientation. I am honored to speak in front of you today, not just as a fellow public servant, but also as a fellow Ilongga who aims to improve the infrastructure landscape of the beautiful province of Iloilo.

I am happy to note that Iloilo’s economy grew by 50% since 2010, making it attractive for business. We now see a surge of investments from local conglomerates, as evidenced by the rise of buildings and facilities. Aside from the vibrant local economy, we are also lucky to have strong political support from our government leaders.

Our agency, the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Center is a one-stop shop for all PPP-related concerns. We are involved in every stage of the project cycle, ensuring that projects are bankable, transparent, and geared towards advancing a good balance between the interests of both the public and private sectors.

Aside from capacitating government agencies on how to implement PPPs, we are also responsible for monitoring and facilitating project implementation and recommending plans and policies related to PPP. My colleague, OIC Deputy Executive Director Eli Ricote, will be discussing the roles of the PPP Center in detail during later’s session.

Apart from developing national government projects, we aim to develop sustainable projects at the local level. You, our partners in the local government, will play an important role in helping us achieve our common objective of delivering critical infrastructure projects in your jurisdiction.

Iloilo has a lot of potential for growth being considered as the educational hub of Western Visayas. Aside from education, tourism, and business process outsourcing, other sectors may be developed and PPPs can be utilized to build the needed infrastructure to further spur growth in the province.

This one day orientation will equip you with the needed information on PPP concepts and processes, its legal framework, governance structure, and eligible projects, among others. We hope to make this an interactive learning session and we look forward to hearing your comments and concerns.

At the end of this orientation, we endeavor to jumpstart the development of PPP projects in Iloilo. With the public and the private sectors working together, we will be able to deliver quality services to our people. Rest assured that the PPP Center, most especially our Capacity Building Division, will always be of help if there is anything you need.

Madamo nga salamat!