PPP Center Briefs DPWH on new PPP Code

The Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Center briefed the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) on the salient features of Republic Act No. 11966 or better known as the PPP Code of the Philippines, today, at the DPWH Central Office in Manila.

Assistant Secretary Jeffrey I. Manalo, Deputy Executive Director of the PPP Center, discussed reforms that the new law provides, including unifying fragmented legal frameworks on PPP, clarifying the approval of national and local PPP projects, establishing a predictable tariff regime that safeguards public interest, and strengthening enabling institutions for PPPs, among others.

For her part, Undersecretary Maria Catalina E. Cabral encouraged her colleagues at the DPWH to actively participate, ask questions, and share their thoughts during the seminar, recognizing that their department will be “one of the main users of this PPP Code.

This learning opportunity will help the agency “create partnerships that benefit the Filipino people, promote sustainable development, and unlock new opportunities for expansion and prosperity as we explore into the details of the PPP Code,” adds the Undersecretary.

Aside from Undersecretary Cabral, other officials present included OIC-Director Pelita V. Galvez of the PPP Service and Director Alex G. Bote of the Planning Service.

The PPP Code, which is a priority legislation of the Marcos Administration, was signed on December 5 and took effect on December 23, 2023.

In the coming months, the PPP Center shall be organizing briefing sessions and consultation workshops as it informs critical stakeholders of the newly enacted Code and gathers feedback in developing the Code’s implementing rules and regulations.