Republic of the Philippines

Public-Private Partnership Center

PPP 101: Orientation on PPP Concepts and Processes

An introductory course on PPPs, this module discusses PPP concepts, legal frameworks and processes. The objective of this module is to equip participants with basic knowledge on PPPs, including its benefits, and the key steps and standards of the PPP process.

Content Outline

  • PPP Program for Infrastructure Development
  • PPP Center’s Mandate
  • PPP Concepts
  • Legal Frameworks of PPPs
  • PPP Processes
Event Details
Event Details
March 2, 2021
Online via Microsoft Teams
Public-Private Partnership Center
Contact Person
Agape Sem B. Comendador, Training Specialist III, Capacity Building Division, Capacity Building and Knowledge Management Service
Email Address
All Implementing Agencies: National Government Agencies (NGAs), Local Government Units (LGUs), Government-owned and controlled corporations (GOCCs), government instrumentalities with corporate powers (GICPs), government financial institutions (GFIs), and state universities and colleges (SUCs)
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