Light Rail Manila Corp. (LRMC), the operator of Light Rail Transit 1 (LRT-1) won two more awards in the 15th Philippine Quill Awards for their corporate social responsibility program Live for the Rivers Movement Coalition and the passenger safety campaign #KaligtasanSaLRT1.

The Quill Award of Excellence on Communication Management for Corporate Social Responsibility was awarded to the Live for the Rivers Movement Coalition, a program which aimed to help rehabilitate Estero de Tripa de Gallina, the longest creek in Metro Manila. LRMC engaged the participation and support of both the national and local governments, as well as residents living near the creek, to help clean Estero de Tripa de Gallina and spark conversations on how bodies of water in the metro affect everyone’s food safety.

#KaligtasanSaLRT1 was recognized with the Award of Merit on Communication Management for Safety Communication as it used trending “hugot” lines to communicate safety messages to LRT-1 passengers, especially the students and young professionals. The campaign promoted safety awareness not just in LRT-1 stations but also in digital platforms as passengers took the campaign collaterals to social media and became safety advocates themselves.