Manila Bulletin, 01 November 2011


MANILA, Philippines — The Philippines, now world’s “fourth” largest shipbuilder, will most likely improve its stature in the world shipbuilding industry under a strong private-public sector partnership, former president Fidel V. Ramos said.

The former president made this comment after the planning committee meeting of the first ever Philippine International Maritime Conference and Exhibit (PIMCE) slated on Nov. 14 to 15, 2011, at the World Trade Center in Pasay City.

“Indications are strong we might go up the ladder in the industry,” Ramos said. The world’s top three shipbuilders are South Korea, China and Japan. The Philippines is fourth largest.

“As a nation, it is imperative for the government and the private sector to maintain and sustain the momentum in our shipbuilding industry,” he said.

Ramos underscored the favorable climate, specifically citing the Public Private Partnership (PPP) program of the government.

He said that projects for the upliftment of the maritime industry can be done via the PPP concept.

At the same time, Ramos stressed that World Bank and other world financial and lending institutions continue to have great confidence in the Philippines.

“The Philippine maritime and shipping industry certainly enjoy this confidence, and our role and duty is to commit with strength and honesty to be able to comply with the requirements of these funding institutions and ensure the viability of our projects,” he said.

Ramos further cited the Philippines for being the No. 1 supplier of seafarers with almost half a million of Filipino marine officers and crew now deployed aboard foreign vessels with good salaries.