The Duterte administration is now reviewing the unsolicited proposals by San Miguel Corp. to build a new international airport in Bulacan and an expressway along Pasig River using the new guidelines of the Public-Private Partnership Center.

The PPP Center said several unsolicited proposals were recently submitted to the Transportation Department and the Public Works Department.

It said the Transportation Department, using the new guidelines, began to review the proposed New Manila International Airport Project submitted by San Miguel.

San Miguel offered to build the new airport in Bulacan, north of Manila, in a revision from its 2014 proposal for a $10-billion airport on reclaimed part of Manila Bay in Metro Manila.

The conglomerate wanted to build an airport with at least four runways and covering 2,000 hectares in Bulacan towns near Manila Bay.

San Miguel president Ramon Ang said the government was awaiting the government’s decision on the company’s plan to build an international airport in Bulacan to replace the Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Pasay City.

“I offered to build an airport in Bulacan and if they want it, we will build it but if they don’t like it, it’s okay,” Ang said earlier.

San Miguel’s proposal would compete with the proposal of another conglomerate that expressed an interest to build an airport in Sangley Point, Cavite.

All-Asia Resources and Reclamation Corp., a consortium led by by tycoon Henry Sy and the Tieng family, offered to build a new international airport in Sangley. ARRC plans to reclaim 2,500 hectares at Sangley Point. The company expects to complete the reclamation in 12 months.

Meanwhile, the Public Works Department is also reviewing, based on the guidelines, the 17.7-km Manila-Taguig Expressway, an unsolicited proposal from Citra Central Expressway Corp., the project proponent of the Metro Manila Skyway Stage 3. Citra is a partner of San Miguel in various road projects.

The proposed P40-billion Manila-Taguig Expressway is an elevated toll road along Pasig River which shall serve as a radial road in Metro Manila to connect the province of Rizal through Metro Manila Expressway (C-6), to Pasig, Makati and Manila.

The PPP Center said for unsolicited proposals to be considered by the government, several conditions should be met. Such projects should involve a new concept or technology and/or are not part of the list of priority projects. No direct government guarantee, subsidy or equity should be required, it said. The proposal should not also be a component of an approved project.

The government would also invite by publication for three consecutive weeks comparative or competitive proposals. The unsolicited proposal would be considered if there is no competitive proposal received for a period of 60 working days.

It said in the event another proponent submits a lower price proposal, the original proponent shall have the right to match that price within 30 working days.

The PPP Center said these guidelines aim to inform the public on the process for assessing or evaluating an unsolicited proposal.

05 February 2017
By Darwin G. Amojelar