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Public-Private Partnership Center

View from the Center

Shifting directions

Sometimes in the winds of change, we find our direction.
Harry Truman


In 2010, coming off from a protracted implementation, the PPP program enjoyed a resurgence in both its viability and popularity with the private sector. Investors saw the program as an enormous opportunity to help build the country and at the same time push its own commercial interests. The Center underwent its own metamorphosis, putting in the necessary work that later on served as its cornerstones of success. Together with the implementing agencies and PPP stakeholders and partners, the PPP Center improved processes and the regulatory framework, making PPP’s more relevant and agile to the demands of stakeholders. It tapped experts in the field of PPP’s, coaching and empowering everybody who is involved to take on the enormous challenges of driving the program. A pipeline of fifty three (53) PPP projects costing USD 131.67 billion was built, new PPP policy circulars were established, and by June 2016, there were five (5) projects that were in various stages of construction.

This is the state of the PPP Program that was handed to the new administration. The Center and concerned national government agencies and development partners, have already built the foundations for the program and I am glad that we are not starting from ground zero. Now under the Duterte administration, the ante has been raised. The new government aims to further speed up the delivery of PPP projects for inclusive growth.  We shall do this by learning from past successes and failures, cutting further red tape, improving inter-agency collaboration, continuing to assist our partners in government build their PPP capabilities, and with these partners, having a common strong focus on meeting project timelines.

The value of a PPP project is realized when the public is enjoying the benefits of the project and when the government is achieving the development goal that is tied to the project. We aim that each PPP project realize this value, in common parlance – “aming adhikain na maging sulit-na-sulit para sa bayan ang bawat proyekto na dinaan sa PPP.”

Indeed, our direction is shifting — towards better times.


Executive Director