Invest Transport PH
Welcome Remarks
Ms. Cosette V. Canilao
Executive Director, PPP Center of the Philippines
The Mind Museum
March 20, 2015

Ladies and gentlemen, Good Morning!

Together with our partners at the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC), I am pleased to welcome you all to this market sounding activity.

When the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Program was launched in 2010, the pipeline started off with a rough list of about 10 projects. Since then, the PPP Center in coordination with various implementing agencies, the business community, and other concerned organizations has been jointly discussing, reviewing, and taking stock of potential infrastructure projects that may be pursued using the PPP scheme.

Thanks to the many inputs from various supporters and critics alike, the country’s PPP pipeline has grown to over 50 projects and the Program has attracted and continually attracting more local and foreign investors.

And so today, consistently adhering to the principles of genuine partnership and open communication, the government has initiated this market sounding exercise to highlight various transport investment opportunities under the PPP Program; and solicit from prospective bidders, information and ideas on possible project structures, including optimal bundling strategies for various airport projects in the pipeline.

I invite all our guests present here today to actively participate in the series of discussions we have lined up. Our very able colleagues and partners in the DOTC are here to walk us through their master plans, and give us an overview of projects in their pipeline. An open forum after the presentations shall be held afterwards.

At this point, please allow me to thank all of you who spent time for this event. It is our hope that you find this rare opportunity equally useful and productive as it is to us.

Thank you very much and a pleasant day to all!