Developing Public-Private Partnerships in Local Infrastructure and Development Projects
VOLUME 1. Understanding PPP Concepts and Framework

This Volume  is intended to familiarize the reader with the basic concepts and framework relevant to Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) in the Philippines.

Chapter 1 provides an overview about the relevance and traces the beginnings of PPP in the country. The Chapter discusses the following aspects of PPP – definition, policy and legal framework, and national and local agencies and committees that play relevant roles in PPP implementation.

Chapter 2 focuses on PPP as an approach to sustainable local development. The Chapter explains the context of PPP in the national and local development planning and investment programming process. Moreover, the relevance of PPP as a strategy in implementing local infrastructure or development projects is elaborated along with eligible local infrastructure or development projects.

Chapter 3 provides information on how Local Government Units (LGUs) could assess the readiness of their organization for PPP venture. Specific tools which LGUs could use have been cited in this Chapter.

View and download the PPP Manual for LGUs – Volume 1  (PDF File, 1.23MB)

VOLUME 2. Developing PPP Projects for Local Government Units

This Volume is intended to provide technical guidance to the Local Government Unit in undertaking Public-Private Partnership (PPP).  The different Phases of PPP are clarified along with their respective steps and processes.

Chapter 1 provides an overview about the Public-Private Partnership in process in the country, which are Development, Approval, Competition, and Cooperation.  This Chapter provides clarification between the steps and requirements of each phase in a PPP venture.

Chapter 2 elaborates the components of the Development Phase, particularly what should be remembered in project identification, preparation or the due-diligence analysis.  The Chapter also discusses important considerations in preparing contracts.  Understanding this Chapter will help the LGU prepare for necessary requirements needed in the succeeding phase of the PPP process.

Chapter 3 provides information on the Approval Phase.  It explains the roles of the National and Local Approving Agencies and Committees on PPP and their respective requirements.  More importantly, the Chapter also discusses the different aspects LGU PPP projects should address when submitted for review and appraisal.

Chapter 4 explains the Competition Phase.  Contents of the Chapter dwell on the provisions of the Implementing Rules and Regulations of Republic Act 7718 (Amended BOT Law) for Solicited and Unsolicited projects.  Process flow charts and timelines, as provided by the Act and National Policy, are provided in this Chapter to guide the LGU.

Chapter 5 highlights important points for the Cooperation Phase, particularly the arrangements in establishing and implementing a PPP project  in compliance with a contract. The Chapter also explains what an LGU needs to undertake and the PPP center’s role in monitoring & evaluation of PPP projects.

View and download the PPP Manual for LGUs – Volume 2  (PDF File, 1.97MB)

VOLUME 3. Utilizing LGU PPP Project Templates and Bid Documents

This Volume intends to clarify the concepts and tools presented in the Volume 1 and Volume 2 by providing examples of projects that have been successfully implemented by LGUs for PPP and to serve as ready reference for users of this Manual.

Sample projects featured in this Volume are:  a) Shopping Center and Public Market; b) Government Administrative Center; and c) Water Supply System.

View and download the PPP Manual for LGUs – Volume 3  (PDF File, 2.98MB)

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