↓ Download Guide for Developing Solicited Health PPP Projects (PDF, 695KB)

The PPP Center has developed the first edition of the Guide for Developing Solicited Health PPP Projects. This knowledge product aims to help implementing agencies in developing health infrastructure projects using the solicited PPP scheme under the BOT law. It covers various important considerations in developing health PPPs such as project identification and prioritization, assessment of institutional capacity, development of project concept notes and pre-investment studies, conduct of market sounding and public consultations, and preparation of requisite documents needed by the approving body.

This published document is being published in response to the urgent need to provide guidance to implementing agencies, especially local government units, that would like to pursue health PPPs. Further updates will be made in this document, as necessary, should there be changes in the existing policies and processes.

For questions or concerns regarding the Guide, please send a message to the Policy Formulation Division of the PPP Center through email address [email protected].