The Mindanao Authority lauds the San Ramon Newport proposal of the Zamboanga Ecozone Authority. The proposed three-kilometer length project, now awaiting approval from the National Economic Development Authority (NEDA) board, is poised to support Zamboanga City’s bid to be the center of maritime activities in the country.

We are proud to have worked with the Zamboanga Ecozone Authority in various initiatives to promote the establishment of economic zones across Mindanao. It can be recalled that MinDA and the Public-Private Partnership Center forged an agreement in 2017 to speed up priority and necessary PPP projects in Mindanao. The Zamboanga Ecozone has participated in various capacity development sessions conducted through this partnership.

The San Ramon Newport project is one of the major projects presented by Governor Victor Yu, during the Mindanao Speaks Up Forum in February. Governor Yu, in his presentation, added that the new port will further develop the Zamboanga City Special Economic Zone and Freeport into a decentralized, self-reliant, and self-sustaining center.

MinDA and the Philippine Economic Zone Authority previously entered into a partnership for proactive ecozone development outside growth centers, propel economic activities, generate jobs, and increase agricultural productivity and rural enterprise opportunities.

The San Ramon Newport is among the many proposed ecozone projects that easily passed the prioritization criteria, including impact on poverty alleviation, availability of labor pool, and proximity to ports of entry. The proposed site of the project is three kilometers in length by the seaside. While still currently underdeveloped, it is already well-connected to the Zamboanga West Coastal Road by land. Once operational, it will decongest the city ports.

According to the project profile, the new seaport can also be utilized as a transshipment hub for the Brunei Darussalam-Indonesia-Malaysia-Philippines East ASEAN Growth Area (BIMP-EAGA) region. The Zamboanga City is strategically positioned as a trading hub among BIMP-EAGA regions. The Zamboanga-Sandakan shipping route is one of the sustained trading routes within the sub-region.

Further, the San Ramon Newport project complements our efforts under the connectivity pillar of the BIMP-EAGA connectivity pillar to improve Mindanao and Palawan seaports and to generate cross-border activities, promote market access, and reduce trade and transport costs.

Considering the vast resources of Zamboanga Peninsula, the completion of new port projects like San Ramon Newport will ensure food supply sufficiency especially amid global crisis by providing proper logistics for delivering products to viable markets.

We are looking forward to the eventual completion of this Public-Private Partnership (PPP) project.

Chairman, Mindanao Development Authority

View/download Mindanao Development Authority’s Statement of Support for Zamboanga Ecozone Authority’s San Ramon Newport Project