Lumbo Water Supply Project

Download Invitation to Apply for Eligibility and Submit Proposals

The San Pablo City Water District (SPCWD) and Dolores Water District (DWD) are inviting Private Sector Participants to apply for eligibility and submit a proposal to finance, construct, operate and maintain the Lumbo Spring Bulk Water Supply Project. The Project has the following components:

(1) Source Development
(2) Installation of water transmission pipe

Source of raw water shall be tapped from Lumbo Spring and the prospective JV Partner must ensure a sustainable bulk supply for twenty (20) years. Transmission pipe-gap had to be laid from the spring source to designated injection points of SPCWD and DWD.

Sealed applications for eligibility shall be submitted and receive at the office Joint Venture Selection Committee c/o San Pablo City Water District starting December 13, 2019 until 5:00 pm of January 12, 2020. The evaluation of the Eligibility Documents shall be made on January 13-28, 2020 at the San Pablo Water District Regional Training Center. A Pre-Qualification Conference will be held on December 27, 2019 at 10:00am PST. For purposes thereof, upon the submission of the Eligibility Documents a non-refundable fee of Twenty Thousand Philippine Pesos (P20,000) shall be made in favor of San Pablo City Water District.

All Non-Eligible and Eligible bidders shall be notified on January 29, 2020.

All Eligible bidders shall then be issued with tender documents starting February 04, 2020 upon payment of a non-refundable fee of One Hundred Thousand Philippines Pesos (Php 100,000.00).

The Project shall follow the procurement process pursuant to the Revised Guidelines and Procedures for Entering Into Joint Venture (JV) Agreements Between Government and Private Entities approved by the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA).

SPCWD and DWD reserve the right to reject any and all applications for eligibility and to bid. The SPCWD and DWD are neither obligated to provide any reasons for rejection of any bid. The award of the SPCWD and DWD Development Project shall be granted to the most complying and most advantageous bid and tender to the SPCWD and DWD.

DISCLAIMER. SPCWD and DWD reserve the right to accept and reject any proposal, annul the bidding process and reject all applications, discontinue the negotiation process or not to award the contract, at any time without thereby incurring any liability to bidders.

Mrs. Lhea S. De Castro
Joint Venture Selection Committee
Telephone: 042 5656102