Market Sounding Activity for NIA PPP Projects


The National Irrigation Administration (NIA), with support from the PPP Center, is developing the Upper Banaoang Irrigation Project, Ilocos-Norte-Ilocos Sur-Abra Irrigation Project (INISAIP), and Tumauini River Multipurpose Project (TRMP) which were identified as priority Public-Private Partnership (PPP) projects to contribute to the expansion and upgrading of infrastructure and modernization of agriculture and agribusiness.

As part of the initial stages of project development, the PPP Center and NIA are conducting this preliminary market-sounding activity to solicit insights and feedback on the project terms from interested private sector investors. This activity will run from September 18-29, 2023, and is facilitated through an online form. Registration is open until September 15, 2023.

The objectives of the market-sounding activity are as follows:

  • To discuss the scope and details of the proposed PPP project;
  • To ascertain the level of interest of the private sector to undertake the same;
  • To gather initial feedback from potential project sponsors, contractors/operators and financiers; and
  • To identify potential issues or problems that may affect the viability of these projects.

For those interested in participating in the market-sounding activity, please sign up by clicking the Registration Form link below:

Registration Link

By signing up to participate, you will be able to receive a project information memorandum containing more details about the Project. It will also contain the market-sounding questionnaire form to gather your insights and feedback. Upon submission of the accomplished preliminary market-sounding questionnaire, interested firms may request a schedule for one-on-one discussions, subject to the availability of NIA and PPP Center Project Teams.

All information provided herein shall be kept private and confidential by the PPP Center and shall be used solely for legal purposes as mandated by the Data Privacy Act and other relevant laws.