PPP Center
22 November 2011

Three projects to augment the supply of potable water for Metro Manila, to increase hydro-electric power rehabilitation and to maintain the quality of perishable food from farm to market were approved for funding of pre-investment studies under public-private partnership (PPP) modes by the Project Development and Monitoring Facility (PDMF) Board on November 21, 2011.

The water and hydro-electric power projects were presented by the Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System (MWSS) while the cold-chain technology project was endorsed by the Department of Agriculture (DA), according to PPP Center Executive Director Cosette V. Canilao.

Administrator Gerry Esquivel (MWSS), Mr. Nestor Estoesta (DA PPP Unit), Deputy Director-General Rolando Tungpalan (NEDA) and Executive Director Cosette Canilao (PPP Center) during the PDMF Board Meeting.










The MWSS-sponsored “New Water Supply Source Project”, which costs some PhP25 billion, involves the construction of a dam, water treatment plant, and associated main pipeline to deliver water to Metro Manila.

This water project is aimed at securing long-term and sustainable water supply for an estimated 15 million residents who currently rely on the Metro’s sole water source, the Angat Reservoir.

The other MWSS project is the “Operation and Maintenance (O&M) of the Angat Hydro-Electric Power Plant Auxiliary Turbines No. 4/5 and the Macua Mini-Hydro Power Plant”. The project involves private sector participation in the rehabilitation of the existing auxiliary turbines owned by the MWSS, and in its operations and maintenance for a definite period.

The PhP1.5 billion project of the DA, dubbed as the “Establishment of Cold Chain Systems Covering Strategic Areas in the Philippines”, was also approved for pre-investment financing support under the PDMF. Aimed at maintaining the quality of perishable goods from the farm to the market through value-adding processes and systems, the project expects to give additional income to farm stakeholders, increase productivity, and stabilize food supply at the provincial level.

The PDMF is a P550 million revolving facility to conduct project preparation and pre-investment studies supported by the Philippine government and the government of Australia, through the Asian Development Bank.

Meanwhile, a potential PPP project was also approved for PPP Center’s technical assistance. The “Balara Water Hub Project” of the MWSS, which costs approximately PhP20.0 billion, is envisioned to be an international center for water excellence. It will be a modern, water-themed destination for education, sports entertainment, business, and leisure. It will promote the best practices in water utilization, conservation and recycling, sewerage and sanitation, and overall environmental stewardship.

The projects are additions to the pipeline of PPP projects currently being structured and prepared by the PPP Center in partnership with concerned government agencies.