To improve its service delivery and augment the existing water supply for the northern part of its service areas, the San Pablo City Water District (SPCWD) is undertaking a bulk water project under a public-private partnership (PPP) scheme. The SPCWD held a pre-bid conference at the SPCWD Training Center on April 19, 2022, for the lone qualifying bidder vying for the second phase of its Bulk Water Supply Project-North Service Area. The SPCWD Joint Venture (JV)-Selection Committee issued the Notice of Eligibility to the consortium of PA Alvarez Property Ventures Inc., ME Sicat Construction Inc., CG Integra Corp., and AM Gatbonton Ventures Corp. last March 10, 2022. A pre-bid conference is held before qualified bidders submit their proposals to address questions and clarifications on the bid documents. The project is structured as a solicited Joint Venture project, following a two-stage public bidding.

In his address before the pre-qualified bidder and participants of the pre-bid conference, SPCWD General Manager Renato A. Amurao emphasized the transparent procedure of its bidding process for the project as the event was live-streamed on different platforms.  “We wanted to assure the public that the bidding is done by the book,” he said. He also underscored the need to improve its water service delivery system for its constituents. “For now, we just have enough supply. We cannot say that there is water security. What we have are stop-gap measures. Hopefully, our private partner can help us deliver the best service for our constituents at an affordable price,” GM Amurao added.

The SPCWD sought the assistance of the PPP Center in reviewing the qualification documents for the bidding process, the evaluation of eligibility documents, and the review of bid documents.

The private sector partner is expected to finance, design, construct, drill, and install the production well and filtration facilities. It will build a treated water reservoir and conveyance system, provide metered interconnections facilities to the SPCWD, build the security perimeter fence, and undertake the operation and maintenance of the constructed facilities for 25 years.

As part of its Local PPP Strategy, the PPP Center works to support local implementing agencies and local government units (LGUs) in implementing PPP projects such as transportation, water supply, sanitation, solid waste management, health, information technology, and government property development, etc. It is aligned with the implementation of Executive Order No. 138, otherwise known as the “Full Devolution of Certain Functions of The Executive Branch to Local Governments, Creation of a Committee on Devolution, and for Other Purposes.”