Launching of Knowledge Corner at NRO XI

In its bid to further boost the potential of PPPs to help address the infrastructure needs at the local level, the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Center in collaboration with the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) is set to launch PPP Knowledge Corners throughout the regions nationwide. The unveiling of the first PPP Knowledge Corner will be held at the NEDA Davao Region Office on March 20, 2018.

The PPP knowledge corners will act as information hubs on PPPs where local government units (LGUs), other implementing agencies (IAs) and stakeholders can get accurate and updated information and knowledge on PPPs. These will also serve as the regions’ access points to avail of the services that the PPP Center provides to help local governments develop successful and well-structured PPP projects.

The PPP Knowledge corners at the NEDA Regional Offices (NROs) shall be supervised by the Project Development, Investment Programming and Budget Division and managed by NRO PPP focal. They will respond to queries on PPPs and coordinate with the PPP Center counterpart for technical support, updates and other information and activities.

“We see the PPP Knowledge Corners as windows of information and opportunity that LGUs, including local investors, can access to learn more about PPPs, be guided on its process and even access the PPP Center’s technical assistance to develop their own PPP projects”, PPP Center Executive Director Ferdinand A. Pecson said.

“We want to make PPPs more accessible to the regions, where the full potential of PPPs are awaiting to be unlocked. PPPs are valuable in improving the delivery of basic services to our people,” Executive Director Pecson said.

After the NRO Davao Region launch, more PPP knowledge corners will be opened nationwide. The PPP Center also established a dedicated page in its website on how to contact the PPP Knowledge Corner focals in the different NROs. For more information, please visit