The PPP Center and Agence Française de Développement (AFD) ran a two-day hybrid workshop titled “Integrating Climate Change Considerations and Disaster Risk Resilience in PPP Projects” on May 27–28, 2024, at the Center’s Board Room and online via Zoom.

The workshop’s objective is to foster understanding and assist national and local implementing agencies in better integrating climate change and disaster risk (CCDR) resilience into their PPP projects portfolio across key sectors such as water and sanitation, solid waste management, renewable energy and energy efficiency, and transportation.

Discussions were led by Phoenix Consulting International’s Project Director, Pierre Etienne, and legal expert, David Desforges. Participants included representatives from selected national government agencies and local government units.

“It was the right time to talk more about CCDR resilience because it is the main pillar of our strategy here now in the Philippines: supporting the country with its low carbon trajectory and also supporting the resilience of ecosystems and populations in the Philippines,” said AFD Philippines’ Country Director Bénédicte Gazon.

This workshop was the culmination of the Technical Assistance (TA) program grant, since 2022, from AFD to the PPP Center. The program sought to mainstream the inclusion and consideration of green, climate, and disaster-resilient tools and resources into the Center’s PPP project portfolio.

“As this workshop also marks the conclusion of this engagement, we express our gratitude to the French Development Agency for their fruitful collaboration and for granting us this technical assistance. We also extend our appreciation to Phoenix Consultants for implementing this program and for the conduct of field missions since 2022,” PPP Center Executive Director Ma. Cynthia C. Hernandez stated.

Other than project support in CCDR considerations and integration, the scope of the TA program also included the development of knowledge products such as the CCDR Screening Tool, the Affordability Analysis Tool, and template PPP contract clauses related to climate change issues.

Country Director Gazon emphasized, “PPP is so important for all investments in the country; we find it very useful and interesting to bring these tools and to make this development partnership with the PPP Center the most compliant to all these big issues of climate and disaster risk management.”

By mobilizing both the public and private sector, AFD encourages the strategic structuring and financing of sustainable PPPs that prioritize climate change considerations. On the other hand, the PPP Center reaffirms its commitment to advancing sustainable development, resilience, and inclusivity in the country by concretizing and mainstreaming CCDR resilience considerations within the Philippine PPP Program.