The City Government of Pasig, led by Mayor Victor Maria Regis N. Sotto, expressed its interest in pursuing PPPs during the PPP Briefing for Pasig City concerning their LGU P4 Selection Committee and Regulatory Authority held by the PPP Center on November 11, 2020 via Microsoft (MS) Teams.

Mayor Sotto highlighted that the timing is right to aggressively pursue PPPs for the Local Government of Pasig City especially in their identified focus areas such as in the case of better healthcare facilities in an effort to support the thrust for universal healthcare in the country. The City Government also expressed its intention to improve the observance of procurement standards to attain transparency and accountability in its processes.

Deputy Executive Director Mia Mary G. Sebastian of the PPP Center commended the City for exploring innovative ways in improving its infrastructure and development requirements through PPPs. She also discussed options on how the Center can provide technical support on relevant policies, capacity building, and project management from the development to the implementation of PPP infrastructure and development projects