The PPP Center is hiring a national capacity development firm through the ADB TA 7796-PHI: Strengthening PPPs in the Philippines, to develop a comprehensive capacity development program on climate change adaptation, resiliency, and sustainability.

The firm will develop a comprehensive capacity development program for the PPP Center and Implementing Agencies, consisting of training opportunities, knowledge products, best practices, templates, guides, workshops, policy and process improvements, stakeholder consultations, and sectoral and project development related to climate change adaptation and mitigation, disaster risk management, and resiliency.

The selected firm must have delivered or organized training activities, workshops, and conferences, and developed knowledge products and policy frameworks related to climate change, disaster risk management, and resiliency in the Philippines for at least 5 years. The firm will need to nominate a qualified Project Manager to head a team, consisting of a Climate Change and Disaster Risk Specialist, an Institutional Training and Capacity Building Specialist, and a PPP Project Specialist, and have access to in-house and international network of trainers and training programs on climate change and disaster risk management.

For interested firms, visit this link: ADB Consultant Management System