Water districts of San Pablo City, Laguna, and Dolores, Quezon jointly issued a Notice of Award (NOA) to its private partner to build the P103 Million Lumbo Spring Bulk Water Supply Project through a public-private partnership (PPP) scheme on November 18, 2020.

The NOA was issued by the San Pablo City Water District (SPCWD) and Dolores Water District (DWD) to the Consortium of Udenna Water Integrated, Inc, Inclam, S.A. and Optimus Engineering and Construction. The Udenna Consortium will design, construct, and install raw water intake structures, treated water reservoirs, conveyance systems, pumping stations, metered interconnections facilities to SPCWD in Laguna and DWD in Quezon. The maintenance of the pipelines will remain within the SPCWD and DWD.

The solicited joint venture PPP project will tap the Lumbo Spring located in Dolores, Quezon to provide potable water to be distributed by the two adjacent water districts. The project has a 25-year Joint Venture term where the Udenna Consortium is expected to supply treated bulk water of 12,000 cubic meters per day to both San Pablo City and Dolores water districts.

The PPP Center has provided the water districts technical assistance in the development and procurement of the project.