The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) and Public-Private Partnership Center (PPPC) with the support of RebelGroup International BV through the Project Monitoring and Development Facility, is developing the Rehabilitation / Reconstruction / Improvement, Operation and Maintenance (RRIOM) of the Kennon Road Project.

The Kennon Road, which is considered as the shortest and most scenic route from Rosario to Baguio City, passes along the valley of the Bued River with several river crossings. Given the location of the road, its major risk element is the road’s exposure to heavy rainfalls, causing road slope disasters such as soil collapses, rock falls, road slips, and landslides. The project aims to improve the road conditions of Kennon Road, propose long term solutions for the slope disasters along the road and minimize road closures, in order to provide better experience for the road users. Among the expected project impacts are reduced travel time and availability of a reliable route to Baguio City, resolve traffic congestion and insufficient road network system in the region. Ultimately, the project is expected to contribute to the growth of the area’s tourism industry and related business activities. DPWH intends to implement this project through a Public-Private Partnership scheme, tapping private sector expertise for a long-term solution.

The objectives of the survey are to get the public’s perception of the project and its impacts and solicit suggestions on the additional features that can be integrated into the project.

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