Construction of several Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects in the Philippines that were awarded to private partners are now in progress. These projects under construction are Mactan-Cebu International Airport (MCIA) New Passenger Terminal Building, Southwest Integrated Transport System (ITS) Project, MRT Line 7, Bulacan Bulk Water Supply Project (BBSWP), Civil Registry System – Information Technology Project (Phase II), PPP for School Infrastructure Project (PSIP) – Phase II, and Metro Manila Skyway (MMS) Stage 3. The government awarded fifteen (15) (PPP) contracts to the private sector.

The new MCIA Passenger Terminal Building project which was awarded to GMR-Megawide Cebu Airport Corporation (GMCAC) is now 59.87% completed as of May 31. Full completion of Terminal 2 (T2), T2 apron, and Terminal 1 rehabilitation is expected to meet its deadline on second quarter of 2019. The private partner has also implemented various physical improvements in the existing terminal since it took over the operations and maintenance in 2014. Some enhancements are upgraded departure and arrival areas, new taxi bay and domestic initial x-ray machine and central security zone, installation of self-service check-in kiosks and refurbished washrooms. Check-in time has also improved from 10.5 minutes to 6.85 minutes and going through airport security from pre-check-in stage has improved to 3.9 minutes from 9 minutes.

The construction of the Southwest ITS Project which began in October 2016 is 14.70% completed as of June 3, 2017. The project involves the establishment of an intermodal terminal in Paranaque City along the Manila-Cavite Expressway, which will include passenger terminal buildings, arrival and departure bays, public information systems, ticketing and baggage handling facilities, and park-ride facilities, among others. This project was awarded to MWM Terminals.

On May 4 this year, the private partner for Manila LRT 1 Extension, Operations and Maintenance project, Light Rail Manila Corporation (LRMC), broke ground for the Cavite extension. LRMC inaugurated on February 6 the newly upgraded Doroteo Jose Station. It also recently completed a Php1 billion program to restore 25 light rail vehicles (LRVs) of the LRT 1 train system. This rehabilitation program will translate into more comfortable commuting experience and increase the number of weekday trips from the current 512 to 554.

The construction of the Bulacan Bulk Water Supply Project officially started on April 25, 2017. The BBWSP will provide access to safe and reliable treated bulk water to the various water districts (WDs) of Bulacan which covers over 500,000 households in 569 barangays. This PPP contract was awarded to Luzon Clean Water Development Corporation (LCWDC).

The construction of the service facility of the Civil Registry System which commenced in January 2017 is already 13.50% complete as of May 11, 2017. The project’s IT system has ongoing full scale activities for system and application development. With the target completion date of September 2018, the project is expected to provide fast and efficient delivery of civil registration services. The project was awarded to Unisys Public Sector Services Corporation (Unisys).

The PSIP Phase II involves the design, financing, and construction of 4,370 classrooms, including provision of furniture, fixtures, and toilets in Luzon and Mindanao. As of April 2017, the project is already 67.55% complete.

Other projects with ongoing construction are two unsolicited projects: MRT Line 7 and the Metro Manila Skyway (MMS) Stage 3. The MRT Line 7 construction of the MRT System and the Intermodal Transportation Terminal is underway which started on December 8, 2016.

Progress photos of these projects are published on and the agency’s social media to provide the public regular project status.​