Press Release
09 July 2013


Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and the East Asia (ERIA)
Pursuing successful PPPs. Ministers from both Laos and Cambodia are joined by PPP experts and officers from the Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and the East Asia (ERIA). The Philippine PPP program was lauded as one of the more successful PPPs in ASEAN. PPP Center Director for Capacity Building and Knowledge Management Eleazar E. Ricote (far right in black business suit) is the featured speaker on the Philippine PPP program.


For its focused approach and faster pace in achieving significant progress in its infrastructure development agenda through private sector participation, the Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and the East Asia (ERIA) showcased the achievements of the Philippine Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Program during its capacity building seminars on PPP for ASEAN countries held in Vientianne, Laos from July 1-2 and in Phnom Pehn, Cambodia last July 5, 2013.

ERIA noted the Philippines’ fast progress in pursuing a PPP agenda encouraged other ASEAN countries to learn from the experiences of the Philippines as it successfully implemented its PPP program.

The workshop featured the Philippine PPP Program experience which highlighted the role of government and the measures necessary to establish and sustain PPPs.  PPP Center’s Director Eleazar E. Ricote shared the Center’s experiences on instituting crucial public policies, expanding its capacity building program, strengthening project development efforts, implementing its contract monitoring, and undertaking knowledge management and public communications interventions since the launch of the PPP Program in 2010.

“While the PPP Program does not claim to be a model for the region, it is a work in progress with initial achievements, where lessons and templates can be learned and developed for other ASEAN countries now building up their respective PPP programs,” Director Ricote emphasized.

He also said President Aquino’s consistency in pushing for the PPP agenda among key infrastructure and development institutions jumpstarted the country’s infrastructure agenda. “These focused efforts were made possible through the support of our development partners,” Director Ricote added.

During the workshop, Mr. Oliver Tan, CFO of Megawide Corporation, a private sector participant from the Philippines talked about the Philippine government’s serious efforts to undertake due diligence in project preparation, and its adherence to transparent and competitive procurement processes. Mr. Tan explained that during the Aquino administration, there is a strong commitment to honor its obligations under these PPP agreements. Megawide Corporation is the Philippine government’s partner for its PPP School Infrastructure Project Phase 1 under the Department of Education.

Add to the line-up of speakers, a PPP expert from New South Wales Australia discussed the basic requisites of a PPP Framework while ERIA’s Dr. Fauziah Zen reported on ERIA’s findings on the trends and development updates of PPP Programs among ASEAN countries.

ERIA is the ASEAN’s economic policy research arm which has recently initiated various region wide PPP frameworks review and assessment towards facilitating collaborative sharing of experience and innovations on PPPs for economic growth and development.  It is also the lead research institution for the proposed ASEAN Connectivity Project. The next workshop will be conducted in Naypyitaw, Myanmar on July 24, 2013.