Two (2) potential public-private partnership (PPP) projects have been approved for Project Development and Monitoring Facility (PDMF) support. The PDMF Committee convened on August 7, 2020 and approved the project preparation and transaction advisory support for the following projects: (i) the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA)’s NEDA sa Makati (NsM) Property Redevelopment Project, and (ii) the Department of Health (DOH)’s Bicol Medical Center (BMC) – Medical Arts Building and Upgrading of Health Services. Both projects are envisioned to be implemented through PPP under the Amended Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) Law or Republic Act No. 7718.

The NEDA sa Makati (NsM) Property Redevelopment Project involves the construction, operation, and maintenance (O&M) of a new green-design building to be located at NEDA’s property in Makati. The project is expected to increase efficiency and economy in government (NEDA) operations and result in better coordination among NEDA and its attached agencies as their offices are located in one building.

The second project, the Bicol Medical Center (BMC) – Medical Arts Building and Upgrading of Health Services aims to decongest the main hospital’s out-patient department (OPD) patients and laboratory requests effectively enhancing the quality of services of BMC, providing better health outcomes and achieving equitable access to healthcare in Region 5. Further, it will create sustainable revenue sources leading to BMC’s reduced dependence on national subsidy for its operational needs.

The PDMF is a revolving fund that supports pre-feasibility studies, feasibility studies, and other necessary pre-investment activities to help develop bankable PPP projects, as well as assistance in the PPP bidding process and for effective monitoring of PPP project implementation. Under the administration and management of the PPP Center, the PDMF provides government agencies with the required expertise and strategies to prepare well-structured projects that are selected to be undertaken as PPPs. The Facility is available for all national government agencies, government corporations, local implementing entities and state universities and colleges (SUCs), throughout the country. On the other hand, the PDMF Committee is the approving body for project support applications to the PDMF.