Republic of the Philippines

Public-Private Partnership Center

Rehabilitate-Operate-Maintain-Expand the Puerto Princesa International Airport

Project Brief
Implementing Agency

Department of Transportation (DOTr) and Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP)

Project Description

The Project aims to improve the management and operational capability of the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) of the Puerto Princesa International Airport through Operate-Add-Transfer (OAT) contractual agreement. This Project Includes: (1) renovation, development and expansion of the existing Passenger Terminal Building (PTB) and its Associated Facilities per international civil aviation standards to accommodate the demand; (2) construction of an apron adjacent to the new PTB extension; (3) renovation, development or expansion of commercial assets, Cargo Handling Facilities and Discretionary Facilities; (4) planning, design and expansion of all Utility Systems necessary for undertaking the Works, construction of the commercial assets; (5) operation and maintenance of the concessionaire O&M Facilities and the commercial Assets; and (6) procurement, maintenance and installation of all information technology and other equipment required for the proper operation and maintenance of the airport, excluding air navigation systems, air traffic control systems and security systems and equipment.

Indicative Cost

Php 5.89 Billion

Procurement Mode


PPP Structure


Cooperation Period






Private Proponent

Prime Asset Ventures, Inc. Consortium


Under initial evaluation by implementing agency