Republic of the Philippines

Public-Private Partnership Center

Joint-Venture Agreement for the Puerto Princesa City Waste to Energy Project

Project Brief
Implementing Agency

City Government of Puerto Princesa

Project Description

This project will address Puerto Princesa City Government’s PCG’s concern on the technical viability of the continuing operations of the City Landfill Facility in the next couple of years due to its diminishing storage capacity and methane gas emissions which are detrimental to the public. In this project, the private proponent shall undertake the development and utilization of all waste materials found and deposited in the City Sanitary Landfill Facility, and all future waste to be deposited in the Facility. The facility, will comprise of a plasma-gasification process that will process all the current waste of the city and Generate up to 4.2MW of base-load electricity, twenty-four-seven, for the entire city.

Project Cost

Php 2.180 Billion

Procurement Mode


PPP Structure

Joint Venture

Cooperation Period

25 Years (2016-2041)


Environmental,Solid Waste Management

Private Proponent

Austworks Corporation