Republic of the Philippines

Public-Private Partnership Center

Joint Venture Agreement for the Provision of Septage, Sewerage and Sanitation Services for the City of Puerto Princesa

Project Brief
Implementing Agency

Local Government of Puerto Princesa City

Project Description

The project aims to provide sewage, septage and sanitation services for the City of Puerto Princesa in compliance with the requirements of the Philippine Clean Water Act of 2004 . Moreover it aims to protect the environment, particularly the bay of Puerto Princesa, by cleaning wastewater for potential reuse via a facility that utilizes proven technology.

Following are the technical details:
• Daily sewerage treatment capacity: 2,000 cmd
• Daily Septage treatment capacity: 70 cmd
• Effluent quality: compliant with DENR Administrative Order No. 2016-08, and may be fit for re-use for non-potable applications.

The Project shall be designed to accept and treat both domestic and commercial wastewater following certain influent design parameters and characteristics for the combined Septage and sewerage facility. In addition to the Septage and sewerage treatment facilities, the Project will have a learning center lounge. A hydroponic garden will be incorporated in the design to showcase the fitness of the effluent for watering plants and for fish/aquaculture. The garden may also have a playground/activity area for visitors and tourists. The Facilities shall utilize SBR (Sequence Batch Reactor) technology that shall have at least a 10-year warranty on its diffusers and decanter .

Project Cost

Php 240 Million

Procurement Mode


PPP Structure

Joint Venture Agreement (JVA)

Cooperation Period

25 Years (2018-2043)




Environmental,Water and Sanitation

Private Proponent

Eco-System Technologies, Inc. (ESTI)