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PPP Project Concept Note Development Workshop


The Project Concept Note (PCN) is one of the necessary documents in project preparation. With this, the PPP Center will roll out a PPP Project Concept Note (PCN) Development Workshop tailor fit to various implementing agencies (IAs). The general objective of this workshop is to guide the IAs in the preparation of sound and viable PPP projects.


At the end of the PCN Development Workshop, participants shall be able to:

  1. Understand the PPP Program and the PPP Center’s role and mandate;
  2. Determine the legal and regulatory framework for PPP implementation;
  3. Understand the importance of developing a PCN for PPP projects;
  4. Identify the different components of a PCN; and
  5. Develop their own initial PCN.
Event Details
Event Details
October 17 to 30, 2020
Public-Private Partnership Center
Contact Person
Christian Placido G. Calma, Training Specialist IV, Capacity Building Division, Capacity Building and Knowledge Management Service
Email Address
The participants shall be comprised of representatives from implementing agencies, preferably those who are engaged in the preparation and development of PPP projects.
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