MANILA, Philippines — There’s nothing to worry for the National Economic Development Authority (NEDA) speaking of whether the BPOs’, particularly American call centers, will stay foot in the country or be back in United States.

President-elect Donald Trump frequently announces about his policy on how to pull-back US companies from different countries.

NEDA said, what US government can just do is to impose higher taxes for US companies who outsource but the final decision is still in their hands.

But NEDA is confident that these pressures cannot equate the cheapest way to do business here in the Philippines.

Secretary of Socioeconomic Planning Ernesto Penia said, “It will still be more profitable for them to stay here than to pull uproots and go to the US because it’s going to be a lot of expensive there to operate in the US.”

Meanwhile, the Philippine government opens it door to all foreign investors, even China, to be part of the public-private partnership or PPP.

Under PPP, the government and the private sector join forces in building infrastructures like hospitals for the benefits of the public.

PPP Center said, public service is now better because of the public-private partnership.

Countries that tops in supporting PPP are Australia, Canada, UK, US and Japan.

If you are under medication what you really want is the complete procedures to address your problem until you get well. What we should see is that cost and how much is the cost trend now.

Cost of projects are now expecting to go higher because of the devaluating Philippine currency vs US dollar but the government had already anticipated this even before a project is to be approved.

“So in the contract between the government and the private sector, it is stipulated who would be responsible for foreign currency risk,” PPP Center Executive Director Ferdinand Pecson assured. — Rey Pelayo, UNTV News & Rescue

17 December 2016