San Miguel Corporation (SMC) is working closely with the local government of Quezon City to integrate walking and cycling with public transport, starting with the elevated turnback guideway of its P77 Billion Metro Rail Transit (MRT)-7, the company announced Wednesday, April 19.

The elevated turnback guideway will allow MRT-7 trains to change directions as it terminates at the North Triangle Common Station at North Avenue.

A one-kilometer portion of West Avenue, between Examiner Street and EDSA, the exact spot for the guideway, will be redesigned to create wider pedestrian walkways and bicycle lanes, at no cost to the local government.

This modal integration will help improve access to MRT-7 and support the local government’s broader effort to sustainable mobility and improved quality of life in the city.

“The construction of MRT-7’s turnback guideway at West Avenue presented an opportunity for us to help advance Mayor Joy Belmonte’s push for better active transport infrastructure in the city,” says SMC President and CEO Ramon S. Ang.

“Once completed, the new configuration of the road will feature wider pedestrian walkways, and bike lanes that will benefit more people.”

In a letter to Transport Secretary Jaime J. Bautista, Mayor Belmonte gave the city government’s approval of the construction of the guideway, as well as the redevelopment of the area, as part of its various pursuits in improving roadways in the city.

Pre-construction work on the turnback guideway kicked off last week.

The existing 2-meter-wide sidewalk will be widened up to 3.10 meters, a portion of which will be designated as a bike lane.

The existing perpendicular parking along the road will be converted into parallel parking as well.

In addition to the construction of the walkway and bike lane, the project will also cover the relocation of utilities such as electrical lampposts, communication lines, drainage, water, and sanitary ducts, and other services.