SAN Miguel Corp. (SMC) will be reducing the proposed toll fees at its elevated expressway Skyway Stage 3 especially for motorists traveling short distances.

The company will start collecting fees on July 12 after waiving payments at the 18-kilometer expressway for almost seven months.

SMC has not yet released the revised matrix, noting in a press release on Tuesday that it will post the final rates at the toll plazas before the start of collections.

SMC President and Chief Operating Officer Ramon S. Ang said that the company decided to reduce fees after considering the effect of the pandemic on the economy.

He said the collected fees will provide company revenues to ensure operations and maintenance. The government will also generate income from the fees as it collects 12% value-added tax.

“These toll rates reflect our deferral of the collection of a substantial amount of the cost to build Skyway 3. We also further lowered the rates for those traveling shorter distances,” Mr. Ang said.

SMC said that it was issued a toll operating permit and a notice to start collecting toll by the Toll Regulatory Board.

Skyway Stage 3 links the South Luzon Expressway in Alabang to North Luzon Expressway in Balintawak. — Jenina P. Ibañez