CITY OF MALOLOS, Bulacan — Governor Wilhelmino M. Sy-Alvarado heralded on Sunday the fulfillment of a promise that Bulakeños will have fresh water from its own mountain coming out of their faucets.

“A few months from now, the fresh surface water from the bounty of Bulacan mountains in Angat Dam will flow in every home’s faucet in this province through Bulacan Bulk Water Supply Project (BBWSP),” Alvarado told The Manila Bulletin.

He said this commitment of the BBWSP to the people of Bulacan cannot come at a better time, citing how the underground water source of the different water districts in the province is already depleted.

The governor said the water from Angat Dam that has been supplying 97 percent of the water needs of Metro Manila can be sold soon at P16 or P17 per cubic meter to consumers in the province.

This rate, he said, reflects the big difference from the amount being charged by Maynilad and Manila Water – about P35 per cubic meter to Metro Manila consumers.

Alvarado said the latest news he received is that the first phase of construction of the BBWSP is nearly completed and that pipe-laying is now underway in Guiguinto town. Soon after, the pipes will reach this city.

Alvarado said that the Bulk water project is a dream come true and will help the 24 water districts in the province to meet the increasing water demand of their consumers and expand their service area coverage.

He said, the completion of the Bulk Water project will regulate the extraction of the ground water and will help replenish the dwindling underground water source.

By Freddie Velez