Deadline of Application: 3 Dec 2022
Item Number: ADOF5-12-2011
Status: Permanent
Place of Assignment: General Services Division, Administrative Service
Salary Grade: 18
Monthly Salary: PhP45,203.00
Qualification Standards
Education: Bachelor’s degree relevant to the job
Experience: 2 years of relevant experience
Training: 8 hours of relevant training
Eligibility: Career Service Professional/Second Level Eligibility
Preferred Qualifications/Competencies

Bachelor’s degree in Accounting or degree with major in Accounting

With demonstrated knowledge, experience, and skills in government accounting system and cashiering

Duties and Responsibilities
  1. Prepare Advice/Authority to Debit Account (ADA) to the Land Bank of the Philippines for approved disbursement vouchers and prepares check.
  2. Prepare monthly reports on checks issued, report of disbursements, report of ADA issued, unreleased checks issued and accountability for accountable forms.
  3. Handle petty cash fund of the office.
  4. Prepare payroll register to LBP WINACIC DES for regular payroll and other special payroll.
  5. Monitor Notice of Cash Allocation (NCA) balances.
  6. Facilitate request for bonding or cancellation of bonds of accountable officers.
  7. Handle special cash advances for employees’ allowances, training, meetings, and other MOOE.
  8. Record/update Cash Disbursement Record, and Cash Receipts Record.