The Philippine Public–Private Partnership (PPP) Center calls for submissions of expressions of interest by eligible consultants to pre-qualify for a panel of firms to be retained on non-committal basis for 2 years to support preparation and transaction of PPP projects. Financing of the consultants selected from the panel for a PPP project preparation and transaction assignment will be thru the Project Development and Monitoring Facility administered by the PPP Center and cofinanced by the Government of Australia, thru the Asian Development Bank (TA7796-PHI).

The Request for Expression of Interest (REOI) specifies two modes of submission, online and offline. EOIs may be submitted online through ADB’s Consultant Management System (CMS). PPP Center will have access to the documents submitted through CMS. Details are available at

Alternatively, firms may send their EOIs offline directly to PPP Center. In submitting the EOIs directly to the PPP Center (offline mode), firms shall use the Customized EOI Template.


1. Request for Expressions of Interest
2. Customized EOI Template
3. Responses to Questions Received by 03 March 2014
4. Responses to Questions Received by 11 March 2014
5. Responses to Questions Received by 21 March 2014