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Building Infrastructure, Driving Growth: PPP as a Catalyst for Transformation

Building Infrastructure, Driving Growth:  PPP as a Catalyst for Transformation*
Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Center
and Philippine Constructors Association

2 May 2012
SMX Convention Center

The seminar provides a venue to discuss the current gains of PPP initiatives in the Philippines as well as future developments and investment opportunities that the Asian region can forward to.

The PPP’s seminar is divided into three main panel discussion agenda:

Build to Grow:  Investing on Urban Development through Infrastructure

Metro Manila and key cities in Asia are experiencing rapid urbanization, calling for more mechanisms to address accompanying issues on road and transport infrastructure, housing provisions, water and waste management, energy and other utilities supply, green spaces, among others.  The session discussed the investment opportunities in Philippine urban development through a wide range of infrastructure projects under PPP.  It highlights the key strength of PPP and its critical role in driving growth and changes in urban areas.


Build to Conserve:  PPPs as Driver of Heritage Tourism

Tourism councils in most countries today recognize the need to include heritage tourism in their strategic thrust giving the rising percentage of travelers who want to experience real stories, past and present, behind people, nation and places.  The session will focus on the role of PPPs in pushing heritage tourism, and feature heritage tourism projects in the Philippines and other countries that utilize PPP model.  It discusses the value of conserving heritage sites, including its revenue-generating and livelihood prospects as well as positive impact to communities.


Build to Develop:  The Impact of Social Infrastructure Investments


Social infrastructure investment is found to have a direct and positive impact to the society. Developing PPPs for purposes of improving the quality of education, health and housing has been proven feasible through a number of joint contracts.  This session will showcase some case studies that have successfully demonstrated the benefits of PPPs in various sub-sectors and its social impact especially on underprivileged communities.


*Manila 2012 Event Program Guide