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Project Development and Monitoring Facility

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Project Preparation and Transaction SupportProbity AdvisoryImplementation Monitoring

This supports activities to determine project viability and the appropriate implementation strategy, and subsequently manage the bid process efficiently.

Scope of Services

  • Preparation of feasibility study and project structuring
  • Management of the PPP bidding process
  • Assistance until financial close is obtained

This supports activities to ensure probity, fairness, accountability, and transparency in the bid process.

Scope of Services

  • Review of bid documentation and procurement process
  • Provision of independent assessment on the bid process and advisory on possible probity issues
  • Preparation of a Probity Plan, Observation Reports, and Probity Reports

This supports activities to monitor and ensure conformance with agreed project standards and/or specification during the construction phase of the Project.

Scope of Services

  • Provision of appropriate documentation including Monthly Monitoring Plans using appropriate templates, Evaluation Mechanisms and Reporting Formats
  • Strict adherence to timeliness and quality
  • Proactive management and engagement to assist the IAs to minimize and manage construction risks
  • Assurance to the stakeholders that the monitoring process and periodic review checks provide the optimal structure to closely follow the construction plan as envisaged in the Concession Agreement (CA)
  • Review of the design and construction deliverables of the Concessionaire under a CA.