Regionwide PPP Orientation-Workshop for LGUs

Background and Rationale

The passage of R.A. 7718 or the amended Philippine BOT Law with its implementing Rules and Regulation clear policies on how the local governments can pursue infrastructure and development projects through private sector partnership can be initiated. The objective of the PPP Center Capacity Building is to develop, strengthen, and sustain the institutional capabilities of participating national government agencies (NGAs) and local government units (LGUs) in all aspect of PPP project development and implementation.

This will be undertaken in the form of training workshops, seminars and conferences implemented in collaboration with qualified pool of trainers. To enhance the sustainability of the development impact of this program, it is envisioned that all participating LGUs and NGAs will undertake the complete series of module on project cycle management.

Training Objectives

As PPP has been identified as one of the key strategies of the Government of the Philippines in achieving national development, the PPP Center advocates the mainstreaming of PPP in the local level through its Capacity Building Program for LGUs. At the end of this training-workshop, the participants are expected to describe the fundamentals of PPP as a viable funding option for developing infrastructure projects in their respective LGUs. The participants will further be able to process and implement PPP/BOT type of projects in a well-designed and transparent process.

Training Program Highlights

Module 1:
Introduction to Public-Private Partnership (PPP) and the Philippine PPP Program

Module 2:
Policy, Legal and Institutional Framework for PPP/BOT in the Philippines

Module 3:
PPP Center Services

Module 4:
PPPs in Local Infrastructure & Development Projects; Processes and Cycle

Module 5:
PPP Monitoring and Evaluation (M & E) Forms