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Policy Formulation and Evaluation

Policy Formulation and Advocacy

Pursuant to Section 2 (c) of Executive Order (EO) No.8 s. 2010, the PPP Center, through its Policy Formulation Division (PFD), primarily recommends plans, policies and implement guidelines related to Public-Private Partnership (PPP) in order to address policy gaps in PPP process and fast-track the implementation of projects in the pipeline.

In keeping up with its mandate, PFD has been at the forefront of the Center when it comes to policy formulation and analysis as well as policy advocacies. The Center through PFD major functions involves several activities such as, but not limited to, drafting of policy instruments (e.g. draft bills, executive orders, and policy circulars, guidelines, and statements), convening of stakeholder consultations and workshops relevant to drafting said policy instruments, and providing technical knowledge with various stakeholders.

Currently, the PPP Center, is actively pursuing the passage of the amendments to Republic Act (RA) No. 7718, otherwise known as the Amended BOT Law, to improve the enabling policy environment for the country’s PPP Program. The amendments will also ensure its sustainability and responsiveness to the needs of the stakeholders and institutionalizing the best practices in PPP Program. As of March 2015, said amendatory bill is already approved by the Congress Committee on Public Works and Highways.

In addition to this, below enumerates the following policy instruments and advocacies initiated or participated by PFD:

Approved, Issued or Already Published Policy Instruments
Policy Instruments for Approval and Issuance

For more information on the Policy Formulation and Advocacy please contact:

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