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Project Management and Development

Project Management and Development

The PPP Center extends technical assistance to National Government Agencies and Local Government Units (IAs/LGUs) in the preparation, packaging, structuring, approval, and bidding of their projects with the private sector participation. Specifically, these cover the following:

  • Conduct preliminary assessment of the project’s viability for PPP implementation;
  • Conduct review of project concepts and proposals to be presented and discussed with the concerned IAs/LGUs;
  • Provide assistance in the actual conduct of bidding (i.e. pre-qualification processes, evaluation of bids, contract review. etc);
  • Identifies/provides solutions to various technical, financial, legal and contractual issues/problems related to project development, approvals and implementation, and;
  • Review and finalization of draft contracts and other bidding documents (RFP, Instructions to Bidders, etc)
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