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Other Pertinent Laws and Issuances

Other laws and regulations are also in place that should be complied with in conjunction with the BOT Law that will impact on the implementation of PPP projects. Noteworthy are laws related to economic and quality regulations for infrastructure services and public utilities and environmental laws and regulations.

Republic Act 10752
Republic Act 7160
Republic Act 8974
Republic Act 8975
BSP Circular No. 779 Series 2013 - Amendment to the Regulations on Single Borrower's Limit
DBM National Budget Circular No. 538
DILG Memorandum Circular 2012-107
DILG Memorandum Circular 2011-16
Executive Order No. 78 - ADR Mechanisms in PPP, BOT Projects Contracts and Joint Venture Agreements
Guidelines on the Preparation, Review and Approval and Implementation of ICT Projects Proposed for Financing Under BOT Law
Joint Circular No. 03-01 - Guidelines in the Processing of Receipt Arising from BOT Transactions and its Variant Schemes
PPP Governing Board Policy Circulars
Generic Preferred Risks Allocation Matrix (GPRAM)
Office of the Court Administrator Circular No. 232-2015
Memorandum of Agreement between BOI and PPP Center on BOI Registration and Evaluation Process for PPP Projects
General Guidelines for Unsolicited Proposals in the Philippines
Guidelines for IA/LGU Assessment of Unsolicited Proposals
PPP Listing and Disclosure Rules